Posted by: paulnada | December 20, 2009

Coffe & Tea to Avoid Diabetes

The Coffe and Tea Lovers have a lower risk of diabetes type 2, the diabetes wich not dependent on insulin and the type of diabetes is more common.

However, the effect of coffee and tea to protect the body does not come from the caffeine contained in them. Proved because non kafein coffee have the best effect to ward off diabetes. Thus published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. Read More…

Posted by: paulnada | December 20, 2009

UEFA Champions League – Round of 16

Saturday, 18 Desember 2009, UEFA release the draw for Champions League – Round of 16. After a long journey in the group stage, finally the clubs will face the second round in february. There is 16 clubs who trough the group stage, and they are : Manchester United, Real Madrid, Fiorentina, Arsenal, Chelsea, Barcelona, Sevilla, Bordeaux, O. Lyon, FC Porto, Bayern Muenchen, Stuttgart, Olympiacos, Inter Milan, CSKA Moskva, and AC Milan. Many who think that UEFA will make the draw for commercial purposes i.e. AC Milan vs Chelsea (Milan vs Ancelotti), or Inter Milan vs Manchester United (revenge for Maurinho). But the fact is not like that, altough there is still a controversial draw such as Inter vs Chelsea and Real Madrid vs O. Lyon. Here is the complete draw for Champions League – Round of 16: Read More…

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Italian Prime Minister was Attacked

Italian Prime Minister was attacked last night. “Silvio Berlusconi” who also the club president of AC Milan was attacked by a man last night at milan, Italy. The attacker name is Massimo Tataglia, he is a man with mental problems. The suspect had 10 year history of mental health problems. Read More…

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Goodbye Champions League

09 December 2009, Juventus certainly does not qualify for the last 16 of the Champions League after a crushing defeat with the score 1-4 at home by Bayern Munich. Juventus point is 8 and Bayern Munich 10, FC Hollywood made the 2nd place in  final position of group A to accompany Bordeaux to Champions League second round. Read More…

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Prince Charles Borrows Money From Police Officers

There was a report yesterday stating that Prince Charles borrowed almost 3,000 pounds of protective personnel after learning that he ran out of money and must pay a “travel expenses”.

Independent mentioned that the heir to the throne was to pay back the debt for 2744.34 pounds (U.S. $ 4461) to police officers after they collect the money that was originally prepared for the cost of flights to foreign countries. Read More…

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Diabetes – Killing Slowly

Many people still assume diabetes is a disease or illness of parents who simply result from hereditary factors. Yet, each person can have diabetes, both young and old, including you. However, you need to understand is you are not alone.

It is unfortunate that many people with diabetes who did not realize he was suffering from a disease that is more often referred to as diabetes or diabetes. This may be due to lack of information about diabetes in the community, especially the symptoms. The majority of diabetes cases are type 2 diabetes is caused by hereditary factors. But heredity alone is not enough to cause a person affected by diabetes because the risk is only 5%. It turned out that type 2 diabetes is more common in people who are obese are overweight due alias lifestyle she led. Obesity or overweight is the most important cause of diabetes triggers. Read More…

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Papparazzi Warned By Queen Elizabeth II

After years of feeling disturbed by the doings of paparazzi’s, the British Royal family finally took a firm stand. Buckingham Palace on Sunday, December 6, state, Queen Elizabeth II has warned newspapers not to publish photos of the royal family taken by the paparazzi.

Royal family lawyer sent a letter to the chief editor of the newspaper to remind them about the obligation to respect privacy in accordance with the code of journalistic ethics. “(The letter) was sent in response to the photographers who have for years followed the royal family at Queen’s private land,” said Buckingham Palace spokesman. Read More…

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Wanna Be A Spy?

Wanna be a spy? A detective? Maybe you wanna spying your girl/boyfriend to know are they cheating or not without worry to get caught? Wanna know your children’s private life? Or maybe you just wanna fool your friends to have some fun with pretending to be someone? If yes, that is absolutely possible! With spying tools, you can make it all happens.

For example is the tools named “StealthCard” (for your mobile phone). You can change your caller ID signature to display whatever number you want on the other person’s caller ID. You can change your voice become someone else. And you can digitally records all of your outgoing phone call (an effective way to proving someone who tell a lie). And the most exciting from all above is… “You Won’t Get CAUGHT!!!” You can make a phone call and remain totally anonymous. Read More…

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Inglourious Basterds

“I am a detective, very great detective .. but sometimes people just do not Realize .. ” said Nazi’s Germany Colonel named “Hans Landa”. Played by Christoph Waltz, Landa so charming and get the attention of all those who see this movie. The movies titled “Inglourious Basterds” which tells about how the German dictator during World War II, Adolf Hitler is dead because a group of American special forces who called themself “Inglourious Basterds”. This story is fiction, because the real Adolf Hitler did not die at cinema as told by this movie, but died in his bunker (killed or committed suicide, so far unanswered). Read More…